Feed a Bison Farm Tours

Bobbie is a unique looking lady with her horns going different directions. We don’t know why they do this, but it is fun for our visitors to try to spot her in the crowd. Bobbie was bottle fed as a baby. She really loves her human friends and visitors. She has been here on the farm since 2006 and is about 20 years old. She and her friends whom we affectionately call the “Critters”,  will come to the gate and take treats right from your hand. They won’t bite you, but they will lick your hand. 

Why haven’t you been licked by a Bison? Call to schedule your Pet a Bison Feed a Bison Farm Tour! We charge a small fee of $3 per visitor. Buy a loaf of bread to feed the Bison. They love sweet red apples too, so if you bring some to share they will love it. Bring the whole family feed a buffalo.

Tours are available for larger groups as well as school field trips and home school days. The pavilion can be reserved for large groups and lunch can be provided with advanced reservations. Come see us for your chance to pet or feed a Buffalo. Meet the Critters and take a selfie with Bobbie and her friends. Share a video post on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok and tag us and message us to be entered into our monthly giveaway drawing.

Coming soon…online tour scheduling and availability

Feed a Bison in Cadiz OH
Meet Bobbie Bison on a feed a bison farm tour in Ohio. See the buffalo up close.

Are they bison or buffalo?

 While they are technically bison, they have commonly been referred to as buffalo in the US for hundreds of years. So either term is accepted here.

Meet the Buffalo


The American Bison is the national mammal of the United States. Our herd is a mixture of both plains and woods bison. Bison are social in nature and are protective and nurturing of their young. They have an interesting hierarchy  with a culture of respect for the elderly and community parenting of their young. Join us to learn more about the history and behavior of this American icon. While Bison are wild animals and the majority of the herd prefer to do their own thing and ignore the humans, we have a few who will interact with guests who bring treats. 

Call ahead to arrange your chance to meet Bobbie, Black Bull, DJ and the gang.  Bring along a couple loaves of white bread or a bag of apples and you may make some wild friends. 

**Always use caution with wild animals. Do not approach the animals without a tour guide. By entering the premises you release Boss Bison Ranch, Sticht Enterprises LLC, and all owners, employees and affiliates of any liability.