Bison Trail Bologna


Bison Trail Bologna  

Our Bison Trail Bologna is the ultimate take along snack. Enjoy it with your favorite cheese and crackers or as a stand alone treat. You won’t be disappointed in Boss Bison Ranch Bison Trail Bologna! Savory flavor fresh off the farm is sure to please.

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Bison Trail Bologna

Grass-fed environmentally friendly Bison make a mighty tasty Bison Trail Bologna! Grab a couple packs for the ultimate healthy take along snack experience. You won’t be disappointed! Our Bison Trail Bologna is made from our grass fed Bison raised right here in Ohio.  This product is pre-cooked and ready to eat. This package will vary by weight but averages approximately 1.25 lb per package. 

Bison is America’s Original Red Meat, it’s what we’re meant to eat. We offer superior buffalo meat products processed locally and USDA inspected, it is fresh frozen and shipped direct to you.

Bison meat is a red meat that is dense in protein and high in vitamins making our Bison Trail Bologna the ultimate healthy snack. Because our animals are grass fed, many of our customers say the bison meat is more easily digested for those with grain or gluten intolerance. There are seasonings in our Bison Trail Bologna that may have traces of gluten so if your sensitivity is severe, use caution, however many of our other products with no added ingredients are  ideal for those with gluten sensitivity. Check out our other bison meat products today!

Please shop local and support your Ohio based farm to table businesses. We strive to produce the best products for our customers in the tradition started by John and Karen over 20 years ago. Pride and hard work go into every aspect of our business. Thank you for purchasing our Bison Trail Bologna and other wonderful Bison meats. 

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(Is it Buffalo Trail Bologna or Bison? Many people still refer to the Native American Bison as a Buffalo. The terms are considered interchangeable. But call it what you like…our buffalo trail bologna is the best you will find! 🙂 )

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 2 in


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