Bison Burger Patties Bison Ground 1/4 lb


Bison Burger Patties Bison Ground 1/4 lb ~ 4 per pkg

Fresh frozen grass fed buffalo burgers from a family owned Ohio Bison Farm. Great on the grill in any season!


Bison Burger Patties are 90-98% lean, high in protein and nutrients. An excellent option for chili and grilling. Price is per pound, 4 per package. “Buffalo Burgers” are a family favorite.

Why Bison?

Bison is a lean red meat with a lightly sweet flavor. Whether grilling up bison patties in a summer cookout, or taking your winter chili recipe to the next level, ground bison is the farm to table choice for your family. High in vitamin B and iron, Bison ground patties are a superior choice over grass-fed beef. Our animals are raised in an environmentally friendly way and humanely handled. Grass fed bison is a great protein source and a healthy food option for you and your family.

Raised right on the farm in Cadiz Ohio, bison meat is the farm-to-table choice of many health conscious families. We ship to metro Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh and all over the United States.


FAQ: What’s the best way to cook bison burgers?

Answer: We prefer on the grill at medium heat. Unlike ground beef, ground bison is super lean. It won’t shrink away as you cook on the grill as much as beef patties do. Remember grass-fed bison ground can be fully cooked and up to safe serving temperature and still have some pink showing. Email us at for your free bison cookbook and our full price list.

FAQ: They sell ground bison at Walmart and some other big box stores. Why should I buy yours?

Answer: Buying cheap bison meat isn’t always the best choice. Many big box store get their bison from mass producers out west that do not use best practices and humane handling. Our farm to table bison products come from locally raised grass fed bison. When you buy from us you know you are getting quality cuts of meat and not cheap bison products and our animals are cared for and processed in a humane and environmentally friendly manner. Visit us in Cadiz OH to see our local family owed bison farm operation.

FAQ: Is buffalo meat the same thing as bison meat?

Answer: Technically buffalo are animals from Africa that live near the water. However buffalo has been a common term used for the American Bison for over 100 years and are considered interchangeable terms, so for our purposes… Yes! We sell buffalo meat and buffalo steaks.  🙂


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in

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    I had these shipped and they arrived quickly in an insulated package. My whole family loved them! ~ Michelle Cleveland, OH

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