New! Bison Chorizo

Take that awesome chorizo recipe to the next level! Bison meat is higher in vitamins and nutrients than beef. It has an excellent slightly sweet flavor that adds a something special you just don’t get from beef. Grab a couple pounds for your favorite chorizo recipe today.




NEW! Bison Chorizo

Add the health benefits and delicious flavor of Bison to all your favorite chorizo recipes! Made from organically raised and humanely processed grass-fed bison raised locally on our Ohio farm. Try our outstanding red meat in your favorite chorizo recipe today. Check out this link to Chili Pepper madness for more awesome chorizo recipes. 

Bison meat is a red meat that is dense in protein and high in vitamins. Our animals are grass fed. Many of our customers say the bison meat is more easily digested for those with grain or gluten intolerance. Check out our other bison meat products today!

Learn more about our farm on Facebook at Boss Bison Ranch  Tag us and let us know how your chorizo recipe turns out when cooking with fresh grass-fed bison.

FAQ: What is the best way to cook Bison Chorizo?

Answer: Because bison chorizo is so lean it cooks very quickly. It’s best to use medium heat and be careful not to overcook. Lean meats like our bison chorizo can get tough if they are cooked too long or too hot.

FAQ: They sell bison at Walmart and some other big box stores. Why should I buy yours?

Answer: Buying cheap bison meat isn’t always the best choice. Many big box store get their bison from mass producers out west that do not use best practices and humane handling. Our farm to table bison products come from locally raised grass fed bison. When you buy from us you know you are getting quality cuts of meat and not cheap bison products and our animals are cared for and processed in a humane and environmentally friendly manner. Visit us in Cadiz OH to see our local family owed bison farm operation.

FAQ: Is buffalo meat the same thing as bison meat?

Answer: Technically buffalo are animals from Africa that live near the water. However buffalo has been a common term used for the American Bison for over 100 years and are considered interchangeable terms, so for our purposes… Yes! We sell buffalo meat and buffalo steaks.  🙂

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